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FTTC is registered as a member in The International Association of Trade Training Organisations(IATTO)

The International Association of Trade Training Organisations (IATTO) strives to give formal recognition to those organisations that meet internationally agreed standards when deliveing international trade training /education programes.

Membership of IATTO enables individuals and organisaitons to network with and learn from fellow international trade educators and specialists operating in other parts of the world. It also provides access to an international accreditation system with unique features aimed at enhancing the marketability of internatioanl trade training programmes and certification.

Being an organisational member of IATTO, FTTC now enjoys the following benefits:

  • Networking: to develop opportunities of students and faculty exchange as well as the access to staff training in other countries.
  • Information exchange: such as programme curricula, course contents...etc
  • Opportunities for establishing collaborative partnerships and joint ventures with other members
  • Provision of an international Quality System for trade trainng and education programmes , as a way to demonstrate complianc with prescribed IATTO criteria pertaining to different aspects and levels of international trade practice.

Read more about IATTO www.iatto.org/

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