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With the increasing globalization of markets and business internalization, SME's are unavoidably faced with the challenge of dealing with foreign customers, competitors, and suppliers.Thus, going international is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for economic survival. The challenge of international marketing is to develop strategic plans that are competitive to penetrate and Survive in global Markets. Details
This course is an overview of the export cycle including WTO regulations,regional & bilateral agreements, marketing mix, source of trade information, distribution channels, negotiation, contracting, and export documentation & logistics. By the end of the program, you will be able Understand the Egyptian strategy and national plan for export development; Identify the main documents required for the completion of export procedures; know how the international and bilateral agreements help in acquiring competitive edge; Understand the main criteria for selecting the international markets;Identify the main components of the marketing mix;identify the different factors that affect export's prices; understand the fundamentals of marketing communication, know the various documentary collection and international standards for standby L/C; and Apply various methods of payment for foreign trade. Hurry up and join our coming course from 29 July - 9 August 2018
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