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Enjoyable Training Environment 

FTTC Institute is equipped with a well stocked library having a vast collection of materials related to export.Our library provides you with foreign trade and business related subjects that can help you improve your business abilities. In addition to this collection you will find other materials related to finance, business management, marketing (market access/ planning), personal development and information management.   

Our collection consists of both printed and electronic materials which includes:


 Print Resources

 Reference Resources

 Electronic Resources




  Working papers


  Video tapes



   Online database

Please visit our official website at  http://library.fttceg.org/ , to facilitate your search just click on our database


·     Trade environment including domestic rules, regulations, documentation and customs system as well as international and regional economic agreements, rules and standards

·     International marketing including market information, export costing and pricing, distribution channels

·     Product development including packing and packaging, standards, quality certificates

·   Export services including export finance, export credit insurance, shipment and transportation, international export contracts, terms of payments and incoterms; and

·     Management and business skills 


      Enquiry and Reference desk

T    The librarian is available to assist you regarding any online search or library usage.

For help services you can reach Mrs. Eman via phone, e-mail or direct visit with the search details.


      Whether you are currently a trainee at FTTC or not you can make use of the library during working hours on week days.

This service is available free of charge.

The timing is from Sunday to Thursday 10 AM to 9 PM

During official holidays, this schedule is subject to change

Rules & Regulations

No books are allowed outside the library except for FTTC Trainers, MBA & Diploma Students, Experts & Consultants.

Printing & Photocopying

Printing & photocopying facility at cost is available. If you need to photocopy parts of our materials you are allowed to copy maximum 10% of a book and 10 pages of a periodical or magazine. Users can also print a maximum of 50 pages.

Cyber Net

At FTTC library, 2 computers are available connected to the net through which you can access updated information sources and save or download data.

This service is free of charge except for the printing fees.

You are entitled to 1 hour session in case another user is waiting in queue.



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