As a result of the increase in the volume of international trade and commercial transactions between countries and the increase in the importance of international trade, and with the different commercial rules and laws applied in the countries of the world, the urgent need has emerged to establish unified international rules that explain international commercial terms and to avoid different interpretations of these commercial terms between countries of the world in a way that achieves full justice between the parties to trade International trade where each party is aware from the outset of its obligations, responsibilities and duties during the trade exchange process and therefore international commercial terms appeared to organize and define this relationship through the International Chamber of Commerce issuing the first publication of international commercial terms in 1936 and followed it in several versions until it reached the last version Which will be implemented in the world beginning in January 2020

Therefore, it has become necessary for each individual, establishment, or entity operating or having a relationship with the international trade system to become fully aware and familiar with these new international terms and the amendments that have occurred and how to properly apply them.

- An overview of international trade
- What are Incoterms
- The International Chamber of Commerce and its role in international trade.
- History of previous issues of Incoterms
- A detailed study of international commercial terms (Incoterms 2020), new release
- The differences between the international commercial terms (Incoterms 2020), the new version and the previous version (Incoterms 2010)
- How to use international commercial terms (Incoterms 2020) New Edition
- How to use choose the most appropriate rules in international commercial terms (Incoterms 2020) New Edition

- Employees in International Trade Field.

2 days 10 hours each