This Course is designed to introduce the new techniques for packing, labeling and packaging with respect to custom satisfaction and total quality management. 

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the right ways of packing and labeling with respect to various cultures;
  • Essential use of barcoding for international marketing;
  • Study different targeted cultures and concentrate on specific niches; and
  • Use various materials in terms of type, quality and color for specific commodity.

  • Importance of a proper packing for specifications
  • Types of proper packaging
  • Classification of data and way to put it on package label
  • Obstacles and problems facing packing and packaging industry in Egypt
  • Customs and how to deal with the import taxes in case of using imported packages
  • Environmental consideration and packing materials
  • Economics and costing of export packing
  • Types of packing materials
  • Bar coding and labeling
  • Labeling design

  • Export managers
  • Export specialists
  • Governmental officials

5 working days 5 hours each