Understanding the most recent trends for documentary credits is a crucial topic for exporters. This course is designed to get familiar with such trends and its interrelationship with various financial instruments.       

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Know the documentary credit operations under UCP600;
  • Get acquainted with the International Standard Banking Institute Practice (ISBP 681);
  • Know the new ICC's issue under (UCP600) 2006; and
  • Understand the methods of international trade finance including interrelationship of various financial instruments and INCOTERMS 2000

  • Payment methods in international trade
  • Modern trends for documentary credits towards UCP600
  • Legal framework for payment instruments (UCP 600 – URC 522 – ISP 590 – ISBP 645 – 681) 
  • Overview for the rules of D/C UCP 600
  • Opening mechanism for electronic D/C
  • Liabilities and responsibilities of the banking involved in credit 
  • Types of credit 
  • Credit as financing instruments 
  • Types of documents Negotiated under D/C

  • Export specialists
  • ٍٍSpecialists working in the field of letters of credit & collection.
  • Export managers

5 working days 5 hours each