The aim of the course is to produce a nucleus generation of export marketing specialists equipped to operate successfully as export managers and to cascade skills and knowledge downwards within their companies.

At the end of the course, successful participants will be able to:

  • Get familiar with the international trading system and managing regulatory issues in exporting 
  • Grasp knowledge and add skills of export services needed in the export process
  • Apply advanced export promotion and total quality management techniques for export development

  1. Internal Environment
    • Export Strategy (Laws, Regulations and Documentations)
    • Economic Importance of Exports
    • Organizations Working in Export Sector
    • Egyptian Customs System
  2. External Environment 
    • Global Economy and Competitiveness
    • World Trade Organization
    • Economic Groupings and Regional Agreements 
    • Rules and Certificates of Origin
  3.  Export Marketing
    • Importance of Marketing
    • Readiness to Export: SWOT analysis  
    • Export Marketing Research & Trade Information
    • Market Selection Criteria
    • Channels of Distribution
    • Export Costing & Pricing
    • Export Marketing Communication (Trade mission – fairs – promotion & Advertising)
    • Export Marketing Plan & Entry Strategies
  4. Product Quality
    • Transfer of Technology
    • Standardization
    • Quality Assurance Certificate& Customer Satisfaction 
    • Total Quality Management 
    • Packing & Packaging 
  5. Export Services
    • Export Finance
    • Export Risk Insurance  
    • Shipment and Transportation
    • International Contracts
    • Terms of Payment and Incoterms
  6. Digital marketing for Export
    • Search Engines SEO.
    • Website strategies.
    • Social media strategies.

  • Export managers & specialists
  • Marketing managers & specialists

30 working days 5 hours each