Selecting a new country to export to requires time, money and tenacity. You can do initial research on potential markets (desk or secondary research) in any country using the library, industry and government web resources.

However, once you have shortlisted your markets you need to get a feel for them (referred to as field or primary research). This may involve more than one trip to the country to talk to people and develop relationships, which requires money, good communication skills, reliability and patience.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Know the different concepts of market research;
  • Apply the methods of market research; and
  • Use the internet in getting the trade information.

  • Concept & importance of Market research
  • Types of Market research
  • Methods of Market research
  • Using internet as an effective source of information
  • Using the information in the selection of export markets

  • Export specialists
  • Persons in charge for exporting

5 working days 5 hours each